ZZ Top Sets Out On Comeback Trail

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ZZ Top, the Texas Trio best known for songs like “Cheap Sunglasses” and “Legs,” have made some changes recently in hopes of breathing new life into a career that has been in decline since their last big hit album back in the early 1990’s.

image But don’t be too quick to count these guys out. Having dropped their former manager of 37 years in favor of a new one, ZZ Top hopes to change its image enough to earn back the popularity they once enjoyed.

Although the group has continued to draw crowds for live performances, the group does not seem satisfied with that and makes no bones about the fact that they want to make a new album that will place the group firmly back in Grammy territory.

“We want a Grammy. We’re in this to make a great record that people want to hear,” says the band’s new manager, Carl Stubner.

It’s clear that ZZ Top is starting to ramp things in preparation for that new Grammy-worthy album. A deluxe 25th Anniversary edition of the group’s hit album Eliminator will be released early next year and a live DVD and CD from a recent show in Grand Prairie, Texas will be available sometime next summer.

No firm timetable seems to be in place for a new album right now, although they hope to release on Columbia sometime next year. Whether or not it ends up being the groups ticket to the Grammy Awards is up to the fans.

Check out the full story at the Houston Chronicle

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