Aerosmith In Legal Hot Seat Over Canceled Hawaii Show

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This is the first time I can remember hearing about something like this, but with lawsuits over spilled coffee that was “too hot” and $67 Million Pants, I guess I should really not be surprised.

hawaii In this particular case, a bunch of fans have joined forces to sue Aerosmith for canceling a concert in Maui that was scheduled for September 26. The angry fans are claiming that they lost money on hotels, car rentals and other travel-related expenses.

According to a news report, some disgruntled fans could be in line to receive triple the amount of their losses in this case — if they are over the age of 62. It is hard for me to picture too many fans over 60 at an Aerosmith concert, so perhaps it will not be as damaging as it could have been for the boys in the band.

I don’t doubt there were some fans over 50 holding tickets for that show, but over 62? If the snubbed concert goers end up winning, I don’t think Aerosmith will be shelling out too many triple-damage amounts.

I have a hard time imagining any judge or jury ruling in favor of something like this, but I guess weird stuff does happen from time to time, so who knows?

You would think all the lawyers associated with a big-name group like Aerosmith, as well as those aligned with the promotion and record companies would have their bases well covered in anticipation of events like this, and they probably do. Aren’t there disclaimers printed on tickets that warn the buyer of cancellations?

I also wonder if there isn’t insurance for things like this and perhaps Aerosmith or their promoters would be covered under these circumstances.

Makes me wonder if Aerosmith will ever plan to do another show in Maui after this. I would not blame them if they turned up their noses at playing there again if they are ever touring down that way again.

Who says classic rock news is all about new albums and celebrity interviews?

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