Australian Woman Takes Her Springsteen Seriously

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I don’t think too many people would question Karen Lee Cooper’s dedication to the music of Bruce Springsteen, although I think it would be fair to question her sanity.

Cooper was recently sentenced in an Australian court to eight years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter which stemmed from an attack in 2006 where she stabbed her boyfriend to death.

Apparently, Ms. Cooper enjoys listening to Bruce Springsteen on her CD player, but her boyfriend, Kevin Watson, did not count himself among Springsteen’s many fans, and proceeded to voice his displeasure with Ms. Cooper’s choice of music on July 8, 2006.

When Mr. Watson decided to get physical with Ms. Cooper’s CD player, she picked up a knife and stabbed him. Although she did call authorities to summon help following the incident, Mr. Watson died before help arrived.

A short time later, police located Cooper outside where she had gone after swallowing a number of pills in a failed suicide attempt.

I guess it’s is nice for a performer to hear about a fan that is willing to defend her dedication, but I don’t think this is the kind of incident “The Boss” likes to hear about.

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