Charlie Watts Retires From The Rolling Stones

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Undercover Music is reporting that long-time Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has left the group. Undercover quotes a source inside the Stones inner-circle as saying, “Charlie Watts has quit the band. He will never record or tour with the band again.”

charlie-watts It is said that Watts’ decision to leave the group is not totally unexpected and that guitarist Keith Richards had to talk him into taking part in the Bigger Bang tour back in 2005, but apparently the 68-year-old rocker has decided he has had enough and does not intend to return to the fold again.

Drummer Charley Drayton from one of  Keith Richards’ other projects is said to be in line to take the place of Watts in any future Rolling Stones projects. Drayton, and American born in New York City, has been part of Richard’s X-pensive Winos project since Richards invited him to join after Drayton contributed on the Stones Dirty Work album in 1985.

With the Stones since 1963, Watts is leaving just three years shy of his 50th anniversary with the band.

Mick Jagger is said to be planning some kind of project for the Stones next year and the absence of Watts is bound to be a major shake-up for the Rolling Stones, one of the world’s most recognized rock bands.

Check out Undercover Music for more.


  1. sub September 4, 2009 at 1:43 am

    this is total nonsense. and i’m not guessing, i’m telling you….

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