David Gilmour Marks Thanksgiving With Free Video Footage

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Now as far as I know, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Great Britain, but apparently that has not stopped David Gilmour of Pink Floyd frame from offering up a Thanksgiving gift to fans that care to visit his website and view some of the video that’s been made available from the Live In Gdansk DVD.

A while back I reviewed the companion CD but did not get a chance to see the DVD, so it was kind of nice to have a look at some of it online. One thing I failed to mention during my earlier review was my appreciation for the effort put forth by the musicians to be true to the original Pink Floyd classics. I’m a stickler when it comes to performing classics, and think they should be played just the way they were originally performed.David Gilmour

That’s not to say a little improvisation here and there is always a bad thing, but when I sit down to listen to “Comfortably Numb,” that is what I expect to hear, and for me, the live recording from Gdansk does just that. I’m always disappointed to see a classic act with one or more members who completely transform the original part into something more to their liking or perhaps more to their abilities.

Fans who want to catch this excellent-quality video online can visit David Gilmour’s website and have the opportunity to view a collection of performances that will be changed every other day. The videos will remain available until Tuesday, December 2nd.

For those who would like to catch some of this concert on a larger screen, footage will be shown on VH1 Classic during Thanksgiving Day as part of their A Very Pink Floyd Thanksgiving. Also featured during this special day of Pink Floyd programming will be in depth presentations that examine the creation of one of the group’s most influential albums, The Dark Side of The Moon and include exclusive interviews with members of the group.

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