David Gilmour Talks To CBS News

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It’s been a while since David Gilmour has shared his thoughts with a television audience. We’ve recently heard that he’s quite finished with Pink Floyd and is forging ahead as a solo artist and heading out on tour to showcase his latest material. In this rare television interview with Anthony Mason of CBS News, we get to hear a little bit about what goes on in Gilmour’s head.

From the little thrill he gets from coming up with  a new piece of music to how his wife Polly became the lyricist for Pink Floyd, this 8-minute interview helps fill in the blanks a bit for a musical career that spans five decades. It may be a bit unexpected to hear that a rock star like Gilmour was once uncomfortable hearing his own voice the way most of us are, but has since learned to accept and actually like it. Gilmour also talks about how the loss of keyboardist Rick Wright has affected him and what his relationship with former Pink Floyd band mate and rival Roger Waters is like these days.

Gilmour also takes a few minutes to reflect about former Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett and how his struggles with mental illness lead to his departure from the group even before they realized just how successful the band would become.

This may be Gilmour’s first and only in-depth interview for American television and even though it’s brief, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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