R40 Live DVD on The Way From Rush

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Rush fans will have a chance to pick up a rather special release from Rush in November when their new R40 Live DVD will be

released. The footage used to compile the DVD comes from what may have been the Canadian trio’s last major tour and was filmed over the course of two shows in Toronto from June.

This new release is unique because it contains songs that the group had not previously performed in front of a live audience or ever released on video. As a sort of teaser preview, a downloadable version of the track “Roll The Bones (Live)” from the CD in the up-coming set will be released on September 25th.

Another thing that sets this release apart from previous releases is the unique way in which the stage changes from one performance to the next. Instead of a static stage that remains the same throughout a show like most fans are accustomed to seeing, this time the stage changes as the songs being performed move back in time to match what it would have looked like when the song was first played live.

Anxious Rush fans can expect the new set to be released on Friday, November 20th by Zoe/Rounder Records/Concord Music Group.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the likelihood that the band will ever embark on a major tour again, this could be the last DVD set from a major Rush tour fans will ever have a chance to own.

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