Def Leppard On Cutting Edge of Live Rock Entertainment

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Sure, Def Leppard has been around since their glory days in the 1980’s when hits like “Photograph” and “Rock of Ages” blared from car radios across the land, but that does not mean these middle-aged rockers don’t keep up with the latest in technology.

At their upcoming show at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena on August 23, the group will introduce to fans something they are calling “Rockzimity Marketing.” It’s all about delivering content to concert goers using technologies like Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth, by setting up “hot spots” at various locations in the arena which will transmit the content to fans who bring their Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth-capable devices to the show.Def Leppard

Upon entering the arena, the well-equipped fan will be greeted with a message from the band, which will welcome them to the “Sparkle Lounge,” which originally referred to the name of the backstage area where the band hangs out when they are not performing for their fans. It was also the name the group chose for the latest album.

There will also be an opportunity for tuned-in attendees to win a trip to the “Sparkle Lounge,” after the show, where they will presumably be able to mingle a bit with the band. There will also be discounts offered on select Def Leppard merchandise, giving ticket holders yet another reason to bring along whichever gadget they own that will allow them to tune into this unique medium.

“You have to differentiate your music in today’s industry and how you introduce things to your audience,” says frontman Joe Elliott. “This is the direction for the future of the way fans connect with artists, it also adds another dimension to our live performance by getting the fans involved from the moment they walk though the door — literally.”

One of the best things about this is that there are not extra charges of fees involved. None of that “standard text messaging rates apply” stuff or anything like that during the show, which make sense since this is being called “Rockzimity Marketing.” Who the heck would want to pay to be marketed to?

Still, this does sound like a cool idea and will likely make fans feel more involved with the show. The chance to win a backstage visit provides an additional benefit to those who tune into the new service at the show.

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