Eddie Van Halen Says Current Van Halen Line-up Is A Band

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I suppose more than a few Van Halen fans have been wondering if the reunion tour with former singer David Lee Roth and Eddie’s son Wolfgang was something that would lead to more from the latest incarnation of the group, or just kind of fade away because Eddie and Diamond Dave could not get along. It certainly would not be the first time.

According to recent word from Eddie Van Halen however, everything is all good between the boys. As he put it, “Dave, Wolfie, Alex and I are a band.” He also says that he hopes that once things slow down a bit, he’d like to get together with his band mates and talk about making some new music, which he reports he has “tons of.”Van Halen

Van Halen also indicates that he’s up for another tour if it is something that David Lee Roth would want to be a part of. There are plans for Eddie, brother Alex and son Wolfgang to start jamming within a week or two.

Among the things other than music that will be keeping them busy this year will be Eddie’s marriage to fiancée Janie Liszweski, and the high school graduation of son and Van Halen bassist Wolfgang.

Despite some health problems that sidelined Eddie Van Halen and put the last tour on hold for a while, the tour was considered a success by most fans and critics, and certainly provided a nice financial boots for the group, raking in a reported $93 million.

Now who wouldn’t want to do that again?

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