Full-Blown Led Zeppelin 2008 Tour In Doubt

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Here we go again. The word on any Led Zeppelin tour is that it is starting to seem unlikely given Robert Plant’s current plans to tour with Allison Krauss. The two released a successful album last year titled Rising Sand.

Plant and Krauss now have plans to tour in Europe next May and are expected to take the tour to the United States after that.

With the recent talk of Led Zeppelin doing a small number of shows at very large venues next year, I suppose the Plant-Krauss schedule might allow enough time for a few Led Zeppelin shows.

There have been rumors of Zeppelin reserving some dates at Giants Stadium in New Jersey as well as talk reported among the members of the group that mention Madison Square Garden in New York.

The wait for any official word from the band continues.

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  1. Barbara December 14, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    Lets see, Allison Kraus or Jimmy, John Paul and Jason? UGH! Robert needs to think this through.

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