Hard Feelings Put Aside (Mostly) For Brad Delp Tribute

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Reports from last night’s Brad Delp Tribute show indicate that the show was a success and that many of those who were ever involved with the band put aside any hard feelings and got together to remember and pay tribute to their friend.

The only hint of any kind of problem at all was mention that former Boston drummer Sib Hashain was snubbed by Tom Scholz when he failed to mention Hashain’s name at any time during the event. According to reports, Scholz and Hashain have been feuding for quite some time.

The Boston Herald and Boston Globe appear to be in disagreement about whether Hashain was part of the show. The Herald reports that he performed on stage with RTZ and Ernie & the Automatics during the event while The Globe reports that he did not play, but was in attendance.

If our weather here in Southern New Hampshire was any indication of the conditions in Boston last evening (it usually is), they had a pretty good night for the show. A little chilly for this time of year, but other than that, a pretty decent night and a good location to get out and party in honor of the late Boston singer.

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  1. Jeff M August 21, 2007 at 8:46 am

    Sib did perform as the Boston Herald indicated

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