Kim Mitchell Still Reported To Be A ‘Wild Party’

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It must be a good news day for Canadian rockers today or something. Kim Mitchell is enjoying some publicity in his home country as the release of his new album draws near.

This article cleared up a few things I had been wondering about. Apparently, Mitchell is planning to keep his radio job at Toronto’s Q107 and is currently taking a little break from that as he embarks on a cross-Canada radio tour doing some acoustic performances.

It sounds like his plans are somewhat up in the air and perhaps the level of success he experiences with the new album will have some influence on his future. He sounds as if he is quite satisfied to stick with the radio gig, but I suppose that could change if his new album does extraordinarily well or something.

I’ll be planning to get my hands on the album just as soon as I can and if it is even close to being as good as his older stuff, I am hoping he’ll decide to do a few more.

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  1. rick July 25, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    That album is smokin!! Miss music like this

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