Neil Peart’s Rush Tour Update

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Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart has checked in from his 7-something-thousand mile tour route with an update on his personal web site.

He talks a bit about his riding experience with Richard Foster, author of the short story that inspired Peart to write the lyrics to “Red Barchetta.” There is much talk of his motorcycling experiences as he travels from one venue to another and genuinely seems to be enjoying himself on this tour and seems quite satisfied with his playing. I should think so!

I hope this means that they will tour again some day and give me the opportunity to talk myself into attending one more Rush show before we all kick the bucket!

It’s always fun reading Peart’s stuff because I love his writing style and he’s obviously got a sense of humor. I just wish someone would tell him that not all small towns here in the U.S.  have signs advertising “VBS.”

Just kidding, Neil. 🙂

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