Latest Van Halen Reports Focus On Eddie’s Medical Condition

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The most recent reports concerning the status of the Van Halen tour are revolving around an unspecified medical condition that guitar legend Eddie Van Halen is suffering from.

No details are available about the condition Van Halen is afflicted with but he is said to be undergoing a "battery of comprehensive medical eddie-diamond-dave tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures."

The above quote is said to originate with tour promoter Live Nation and was part of a statement issued this afternoon.

With Van Halen’s recent and well-publicized problems with substance abuse there is bound to be plenty of speculation that suggests alcohol or drugs are the reason behind the rocker’s current problems.

There are, of course, a virtually endless variety of potential medical problems he could be dealing with and the details will come to light eventually.

It’s reasonable to assume that the remainder of the current Van Halen tour depends on the outcome of Eddie Van Halen’s tests and Van Halen fans are likely to be following the latest news concerning the group very closely in the coming days.

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