More Trouble For Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood

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It is being reported that a Hollywood-based stylist and costume designer who once worked for the Rolling Stones has received a settlement worth nearly $1 million from guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie Wood While working with the Stones in Toronto in 2005 during the group’s Bigger Bang tour, the stylist alleges that she was sexually harassed by Ronnie Wood. 30-year-old Hilary Olson is tight-lipped about the details of the incident due to the fact that she had signed a confidential settlement agreement, something that is not at all uncommon in cases like this.

Olson was reported to be a top stylist and costume designer who, according to her mother, finished first in her class for fashion design at one of the best schools in the world.

Her mother, no doubt desiring to protect her daughter and avoid violating the terms of the settlement agreement, also had very little to say regarding the incident, but did mention that “…it’s well known that what’s-his-name is an alky.” No doubt referring to Wood’s well-publicized problems with alcohol abuse through the years.

She also reports that she has to be very careful when the Stones are mentioned in the presence of her daughter since the incident was so traumatic that it can cause her daughter to suffer a panic attack.

It should also me mentioned that Wood was never charged with a crime nor proved guilty of any wrongdoing.

Wood, who is currently in rehab after an episode that allegedly involved a lot of boozing and a tryst with a young Russian woman. Wood is said to be doing well in rehab and has said that he plans to be back on the wagon and ready to accompany the Stones on their next tour which may come during 2010.

What is not known is if Wood’s wife knew about the alleged sexual harassment incident, but there’s little question that she certainly knows about it now. Already dealing with the reports of her husband’s affair with Ekaterina Ivanova, one can only speculate about how she will react to news of yet another incident involving her husband’s alleged alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct.

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