Neil Peart Meets Bambi: More Tales From The Road

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In another entertaining entry on his blog, Rush drummer/lyricist talks about how the Snakes And Arrows tour is going and talks even more about his continuing motorcycle journey throughout the country as he travels from one Rush venue to the next.

Peart’s writing is always a pleasure to read because he is such a damn good writer. It’s no mystery why he was chosen to be the band’s primary lyricist.

bambi Besides his overall satisfaction with how well the tour is going, he covers in some detail some of the most notable events of his motorcycle travel, such as a very close encounter he had with a young deer crossing the road. An encounter which surely could have ended much worse for Peart than it actually did.

Knowing that Peart logs so many miles on his motorcycle, it is not surprising to hear about some of his close encounters. I rode a motorcycle for a short time in my youth and was always impressed with how big all the other vehicles on the road appeared from my perspective on the bike. I was also impressed with the speed with which that thing could propel me down the road — and the acceleration was just amazing.

In the end I decided I did not enjoy motorcycling enough to justify the risk and sold the bike after I laid it down in the sand one day on a corner. It might be fun to try again some day for occasional scenic rides on quite country roads, but that would be about it.

I’m also curious about what kind of gun permit his traveling companion has which allows him to carry a concealed handgun all over the country.

I own a Glock 23 myself, like the one Peart mentions in his most recent entry and know that I can get into some serious trouble if I just cross into neighboring Massachusetts (Vermont is another story, where pretty much any non-criminal can carry a concealed handgun with no permit or license whatsoever and yet the crime rate is very low there!) with it in my possession, since I have no handgun permit for that state. Perhaps there is some type of special nation-wide carry permit for those in the bodyguard or security business.

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