Interview With Rick Wright of Pink Floyd Fame

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I’m not sure what the year was — it was probably in the 70’s, and my brother, who was more into music than I was at the time, had just gotten a new stereo system.

It was one of those old multi-function systems with a record player, or turntable, if you prefer, and a radio and maybe even an 8-track player, I cannot recall.dsotm

He was quite excited the day he brought home Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon and we listened to it together on his new stereo system. That was some of the most unique stuff I had ever heard and I was intrigued by it. We both instantly thought that it was very cool.

My opinion of Pink Floyd over the years has not changed much, really. I still think they are cool.

In a recent interview with Billboard, founding member and keyboard player Rick Wright is asked about Syd Barrett, the band’s enduring popularity and the subject of a Pink Floyd reunion.

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