No Old Farts In Stones Half Time Show (Except For The Stones)

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If you are an aging Stones fan who hopes to get a front row position for the Rolling Stones half time show during the Superbowl this year you may be out of luck.

According to this article, only those 45 years old and younger will be welcome to occupy the area immediately in front of the Stone’s stage during the show.
This, according to the article, is because “…the job is physically challenging. Volunteers must enter and exit the field quickly and be on their feet for long periods. They will not have seats and will wait in a tunnel under the stadium for most of the first half.”

Good thing the Stones will be on stage during their performance, otherwise the lads might have to watch through binoculars or perhaps even on television!

UPDATE: According this article, the NFL has changed its mind about not allowing any fans over 45 years old on the field as part of the Rolling Stones half time show. However, any eligible fogies must be ready to dance or otherwise make it obvious that they are having a good time. Rock on, geezers!

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