Real Rock Today: September 11, 2015

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Steven Tyler Hoping to Release Solo Album in February; Taping Unplugged Episode of “Front and Center” Tonight

On Wednesday, Steven Tyler helped announced the nominees for the 2015 CMA Awards, “Country Music’s Biggest Night,” during a special appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.  The Aerosmith frontman, of course, has been exploring country music himself lately, as he continues to work on his first solo album in Nashville.

The 67-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer tells ABC Radio that he’s hoping to release the record by “February or so” of 2016, and is planning to support it with a tour before heading out on an Aerosmith trek later in the year.  As for just how “country” the material on the upcoming album will be, Tyler explains that the project is still taking shape, so he isn’t quite sure.

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Sound Check: J. Geils Band plays like it could be its last time

Peter Wolf credits “the joy of getting out there” as the impetus for keeping the J. Geils Band on the road for the past six years — and, of course, stopping regularly in the Boston group’s adopted hometown of Detroit.

And, he adds, with members in their 60s and 45 years on from the troupe’s debut album, a feeling of mortality is creeping into the equation, too.

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Fifty Years In, The Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker Takes Us Back To the First Sting

Scorpions are celebrating fifty years—that’s fifty years. Guitarist Rudolf Schenker formed the band in 1965 in the small town of Sarstedt, Germany not far from Hanover, just a few years after those lads from Liverpool hit American shores. It’s sort of hard to wrap your head around it, considering that the Scorpions didn’t release their debut LP, Lonesome Crow, until 1972, or see major success in the States for another decade after that.

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Review: Robert Plant makes up for lost time at Meadow Brook

ROCHESTER HILLS — Robert Plant may not want to be in Led Zeppelin anymore. But he sure doesn’t mind playing its songs.

A full half of Plant’s 14-song set with his aptly named Sensational Space Shifters band Thursday night, Sept. 10, at the Meadow Brook Music Festival — making up for a June 9 date postponed due to Plant’s vocal problems at the time — came from the Led Zeppelin catalog, along with a snippet of an eighth (“Dazed and Confused”) and several blues covers that are certainly part of Zep’s source material. But this was no mere tribute act; in the hands of the facile Shape Shifters, the arrangements incorporated flavors from the Mississippi Delta to the west of Africa, freshening and enlivening some very familiar material.

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Keith Richards: Justin Bieber’s music? It’s a load of crap isn’t it?

Rolling stones rocker Keith Richards thinks Justin Bieber’s music is “a load of crap”.

The 71-year-old guitarist has admitted he’s unimpressed with modern pop stars, describing Justin and Taylor Swift as little more than the “flavour of the month”.

He explained: “Taylor is a pretty girl. I don’t think about the competition. I mean they’re the flavour of the month, aren’t they?”

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