Steve Tyler Interview From Canadian Rock Station

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You can hear an audio interview with Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler who called to chat with the guys at K106 rock radio station up in the Sarnia area.asmith

As the story goes, Tyler heard the jocks on this station talking about the Aerosmith show and decided he just had to call in and talk to them about it for a few minutes.

Tyler talks about how he maintains his weight which, not surprisingly, boils down to a desire to be attractive to the ladies, which is no surprise. I suspect not wanting to look like a fat-bellied old guy on stage with the band might have something to do with it as well.

There is also some discussion of the remaining dates for the current tour and their plans to go into the studio when they are finished.

Now I have no way of knowing if he’s just being nice to the people of Sarnia or not, but it sounds like the show Aerosmith did up there just clicked and ended up being a fantastic show for the band as well as for the fans.

To say the jocks at K106 were thrilled to hear from Tyler would be an understatement.

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