Meatloaf To Be Featured In New Documentary

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Meatloaf is a name that I don’t see all that often these days among other classic rock happenings like new singers for Journey, new albums from Def Leppard and tours by Rush, Van Halen and others.

meatloaf Our old friend Meatloaf is not quite finished with the spotlight quite yet, however, and he will be featured in a brand-new documentary that is set for its first viewing on March 12 at New York’s IFC Center.

The official website for the film describes it as follows:

"MEAT LOAF: IN SEARCH OF PARADISE is an intimate and highly-entertaining theatrical feature documentary chronicling the rock icon on an ambitious 18 month long tour in support of  Bat Out of Hell III, the final album of the legendary Bat trilogy.  Capturing a major talent battling time, budget, ambition – and often himself – in the name of the ever-elusive goal of perfection, the journey takes him from Burbank, California through the first leg of his tour in Canada.  When an unexpected media controversy erupts along the way over the staging of one of his songs, questions are raised over his art, age and relevance, bringing into focus the drive (and demons) that have fueled his over-the-top stage persona for almost 40 years."

The trailer looks to me like Mr. Meatloaf could be an entertaining character to watch and I would probably give it a look if I get a chance. Love him or hate him, he was a force to be reckoned with back in the 70’s with the release of Bat Out of Hell, which I still regard as a very memorable and impressive album.

For all the official news and information about this new film, check out the VOOM HD website.

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  1. Zoe June 13, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    This film is entertaining — and surprisingly moving! I’m not a die-hard Meat fan, but I watched the DVD on a whim — he’s such an interesting character, both on stage and in real life.

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